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Access points: StaySail _Guests, or EnGenius41EADE, or Brig-Brigantine

Depending on where you are in or near the building

Password: Is written on a note at the room.



Arrival is from 3 p.m. Earlier arrival can be requested, possibly for a fee. If you want to arrive later than 20:00, we kindly ask you to report this in advance.



Departure is no later than 11 am. A longer stay can be booked, possibly for a fee.



Bedding: inform us, we ensure that there are no feathers or similar in the room

Food allergies, inform us




Police, Doctor and Firedepartment 112

ER +45 7015 0708

Doctor- Pharmacy

Contact us and we will help you further



Card payment: Dankort, Visa Dankort, Mastercard, Maestro. Cash: € Euros, Danish Kroner




We can provide a stool for showering, please contact us.



Wishess or questions

It is important for us to inform you about various things to make your stay as comfortable as possible. Tell us your wishes or questions and we will try to answer in the most complete way.

You can find us, in the restaurant, on site, at our home or by telephone on +45 2044 8746




The most important thing is that if you have complaints, we will hear this immediately, because we always try to do everything to 'correct' it.

You can find us, in the restaurant, on site, at our home or by telephone on +45 2044 8746




We try to work in an environmentally conscious way, therefore we have floor heating in the rooms that is controlled from a central point, the temperature during the day is around 20-22 degrees at night we lower the temperature to 18. (we have no air conditioning)

If there are any wishes here, please let us know.

We ask you to ensure that you do not leave any doors open when it is cold outside (inside), as this affects the room temperature

Please turn off the lights when you leave your room.

natuur Environmental extra costs.

The environmental costs must cover the extra costs that are not included in our prices. Especially in Corona time, conditions have changed and guests bring more food and related items. In addition, we lend guests glasses, cutlery, plates, etc. free of charge. Sometimes guests take themselves, please do not do this. If you have touched, everything that is suspected must be discarded or disinfected / washed again.
We must all make a contribution to the protection of our environment, and we at StaySail.Danmark would like to take part in this. That is why every year a lot of resources are spent on dealing as carefully as possible with the environmental impact that comes with running our business.
However, costs have risen significantly over the last 10 years and we do not think it is fair to include such additional costs in prices, but we would rather make them visible as separate costs to customers.

  • There are specific costs for, among others:
  • Compliance with environmental legislation and additional waste
  • Additional services not included in our regular residency agreement.
  • Additional environmental costs with regard to transport and energy levies
  • Unforeseen not with accommodation related the associated costs for energy, waste and the like.

The above means for StaySail.Danmark a significantly higher cost and therefore we are forced to cover part of these costs in the future, so that we can continue the course of an environmentally friendly company.

Costs can be Dkr 25 per person per night.


Doors and Windows.

Only the door in or to the courtyard can be used if all others are locked. Please go through and lock again. This door works as follows: To unlock only use the turning knob(inside) or key(outside). To lock pull lever up and and use only the turning knob(inside) or key(outside).

Terrasdoor: When opened put the lever down.

Please be carefull with open doors/windows. If colder outside please keep them closed. If dark outside keep mosquitos outside: switch lights off before opening window.


Thermostat in Shower



Towels are changed every 3 days, but in the event of an 'accident' or other problem you can get a new one.



Do you need toiletries, hairdryers or anything else, ask us, we have a lot in stock.



We clean the room only at the request of the guest, for a longer stay at StaySail.



It is possible to place bicycles in a closed garage.

Minor repairs to the bicycle are possible.

There is a possibility to rent bicycles, ask us.





There are possibilities to rent boats, we have catamarans, dhingies, kayaks and inflatable boats.

It is possible to get instructions, ask us what we can do for you to have a good experience on the water.



Lost and Found

Forgot something We like to see if it is found. We keep things for 6 months from the date of discovery.


Gift Card

Gift vouchers can be purchased.

They can be issued as you wish, for a restaurant, for refreshment, for sailing, etc.

A total package can also be made.




You can deliver letters and postcards to us, we ensure that they arrive in the letterbox.

Take into account sometimes more than 4 weeks delivery time. Shipping is faster and cheaper in Putgarden.




For dinner you must order a table (guests are served from 6:30 pm; last starting point of your dinner is 8:00 pm).

The first person to order a table may determine the menu of the day based on our menu.



Diets and special wishes.

Your diet is taken into account, inform us about your special requirements.

We can take into account Vegan, Vegetarian, Gluten, Lactose and more, we just need to know.

Our concept ensures the environment, food waste, quality and price, all to your advantage.




 Private Party

Ask us, we have many options for dining up to 35 people.

17 sleeping places.

Activities can be discussed.



Packed lunch

Can be made, must be ordered the evening in advance.




Can be made, must be ordered the night before. At the earliest from 8.00 am.

The breakfast time is agreed in advance in the evening.

Exceptions for before 8 o' clock can be made, ask us.





Borrowing binoculars is possible.



Smoking in the rooms and in other parts of the building is absolutely forbidden!

Outside we have placed ashtrays at different places where you can smoke.

Consider the environment, open fires prohibited during long droughts and pay attention to the environment.

If there is smoking in the rooms, we must charge them for the renovation of the room. (Indication of costs but not limited to DKK 2500).



Your own food and Drinks

Bringed food and drinks are only allowed in the room, on the terrace behind the rooms or in the playground.

Do not cook or heat food in the room.

If you have a BBQ, use it only at the gaming tables. However, permission must be requested because we must take into account any drought / fire reports




Clothing Washing

It is possible to wash clothes (but we do not have a dryer) => the clothes must be dried on a drying rack.



If you have a dog, collect the garbage and throw it away in our garbage container, which is located in the parking lot.

Our hotel / B&B is not suitable for every pet, nor for several pets. Therefore you must have prior permission to take the pet with you.





Information about excursion points, restaurants and activities can be found on the box in the hallway next to rooms, but we are happy to help you find what is important to you. Contact us if you need help with obtaining a fishing license.

If you need to have boarding passes printed, etc. contact us We can help to reserve space on the ferries.



 Notes on booking / Reviews

We would very much like to explain the review system, because this is of great importance to us and all other hosts.

Please be careful with your rating => Would you rather complain to us, it would be better for everyone than to write a bad review.


We wish you a good stay at StaySail.

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Legal notice

General conditions of use    See Article 9.2.2 for cancellation rules

StaySail.Danmark strives for precise control over the information that is placed on its website, so that the information is up-to-date, accurate, accurate and therefore reliable. Despite constant care and attention to the quality of the content, StaySail.Danmark cannot guarantee that the information is always complete, complete, accurate or improved. Therefore, no rights can be derived from the website. The site owner is not responsible for the consequences of possible defects and / or shortcomings.

All offers and promises, both orally and in writing, apply to the hospitality industry (UVH) the same conditions as those registered with the court and the Chamber of Commerce in The Hague. We will send you a free print upon request. You can also find them on this site.

StaySail.Danmark recognizes the risk of booking via the internet and does everything to guarantee a secure booking process. If you book through our website, you automatically accept the cancellation policy of the relevant hotel.

Uniform conditions for the hospitality industry (English) can be found here with a click.


corona image  Covid-19

We adhere to the current rules which can be found at: https://coronasmitte.dk/. Regarding cancellations, we have adjusted terms and conditions as long as covid-19 rules are enforced. Our standard terms and conditions apply: Booking.com or our direct booking rules. We have a temporary fair policy arrangement, the Covid Cancellation Insurance (CAV). All guests pay Dkr 200 / € 27 in advance. This CAV applies to all cancellations related to the Covid-19 rules.
The amount paid will be deducted from the accommodation costs. The guest can then cancel his stay (without further costs) up to the day of arrival, if the cancellation relates to Covid-19 (illness, rules or restrictions)
You can only cancel by email with proof that the cancellation relates to Covid-19. For example, Doctor's certificate or reference to legislation.
To our regret, every cancellation now costs Dkr200 / € 27. Or more if the cancellation is not related to Covid-19.